Listening to Tradition, Sunday, November 30, 2008


Athansius.jpg"The Lord doesn't allow unthankful people to have peace.  'For there is no peace to the wicked, saith the Lord.'  They work in pain and grief.  The Lord didn't even forgive the one owning ten thousand talents.  For this man, who had been forgiven of great things, forgot to be kind in little things.  Therefore, he paid the penalty even for his previous debt.  This was definitely fair. For having experienced kindness himself he should have shown mercy to his fellow servant.  Also, the one who received the one talent, bound it up in a napkin, and hid it in the earth was cast out for unthankfulness . . .Of course, when he was required to deliver that which belonged to him to his master, he should have acknowledged the kindness of the one who gave it to him.  He should have acknowledged how valuable the gift was.  For the one who gave it wasn't a hard man.  If he had been, he wouldn't have given the money in the first place.  And the gift wasn't useless.  He never found fault with it. For the giver was good and the gift was capable of bearing fruit." St. Athansius

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