Listening to Tradition, Tuesday, November 4, 2008


What Jesus Yearns for in Us

But if the flesh is harrowed and the soul does not bear fruit, it is as if a field were continually ploughed and yet the crop never grew, or as if a man fashioned a statue of gold on the outside and of clay within. For what use is it if without the city walls war is being waged, while within it suffers ruin? As if a man dug outside his vineyard and right on its boundary, while leaving it, untilled within, to thorns and thistles. For of what use is the religion of the outward man, if there is not also shown an improvement in the inner? That person can be false and a thief, that person is false and a hypocrite, who displays one quality in his bearing and another in his character. Then let us not be like "whited sepulchers" (Mt.23:27), let us study to show ourselves splendid and adorned within and not without; for true religion resides in lowliness not of habit but of heart. For where else does the Lord dwell, save in the heart of the truly humble...

St. Columban

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