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That Was the Week that Was


The week has certainly been one of ups and downs. The weather seemed to set the mood.

We’ve had an unusually warm spell in Colorado over the last month or so with hot, dry winds and temperatures in the high eighties and low nineties. Then, yesterday, a cold front came through with much cooler air and very much needed rain. I read that at the airport we had more rain within an hour or so yesterday than we had in the entire month of May. Now, a warming trend seems to be returning. We may have snow next week, who knows.

I attended a funeral on Thursday that seemed to come under especially tragic circumstances for the family. Yet, those who spoke could talk only of faith and hope and trust in God’s promises, and a realization that we are all subjects of God’s eternal love and faithfulness. Yes, there was a lot of pain and grief at the loss of a very much loved father and grand father, but I came away thankful for the reminder that death will never win the final battle.

Then, yesterday morning, in advance of the cold and rainy day, just after dawn, the first new fawns of the year appeared in my backyard. I try to mark this event each year because of the awe I feel at the new life. It seems a new crop of fawns is a special gift to show God’s loving, creative hand is always at work, sometimes with a sense of humor. The two fawns had probably been born just an hour or two before I first spotted them. Mom was still cleaning them up and they were a bit wobbly on the stilts God gave them for legs. They were hungry, but couldn’t seem to decide between getting something to eat and getting out to explore their new world. They were perfect, as the work of His hands should be.

Then, too, I’ve been able to get some work done on the mystery. I’ve come to accept this will not progress as fast as I would like. I need to learn to write, to notice details, to get things down on paper. I need to practice, to learn the writer’s craft. If this takes weeks, or years to do, then so be it. I’ll keep plugging away and console myself at any sign of progress.

Posting may not be very regular over the next few months, but, on the other hand, the blog seems a proper place for at least some forms of writing practice. I ask your patience and your prayers.

USAFA Graduation


Just one shot of the Thunderbirds from the Air Force Academy graduation yesterday. Our office sits just on the northern boundary of Academy property and, in this shot, the formation is passing just over our campus area. Someone else here got this picture and it is pretty good, better than mine.


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