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Puerto Rico Redux


The trip to Puerto Rico was postponed unexpectedly, an airline computer glitch lost the reservations for the first leg of the trip! I am now leaving on Sunday and will be gone next week.

I seem to be in blog overload, I have many things that I hope to get some comment posted about, the first being the stand taken by Bishop Sheridan, my bishop in Colorado Springs, and, most importantly, local reaction to it. I have found this reaction to be shocking, a least a little.

More to follow (I hope).

Off Again

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Posting here has been sparse. Just when I was ready to get started again, our external auditors came in for two weeks. Then our board from Anchorage came down for a fiscal year end meeting last week. It's been hectic. Now, I'm off to Puerto Rico for a week to ten days. Not sure if I'll be able to post while I'm gone or not.

I'd like to thank all of you who recently commented on my absence and return. I'm sorry I haven't properly responded, if I get a chance to during this coming week I will.

Paz y bien

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