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The Passion


Perhaps we can learn something from this.


Two Items in the News


I have a couple of comments on items that will be in the news this week.

The first arises out of an open letter from our bishop here in the Springs that was read in place of the homily at Mass last night. The letter concerned the release, expected this coming Friday, of the report on the sex-abuse scandal that has rocked the Church over the last year.

As I understand this scandal, it arose, not from an outbreak of pedophilia among priests of the Church, but would be more accurately portrayed as a problem of homosexuality in the priesthood. In other words, the victims were not very young children but for the most part teenage boys between the ages of 15 and 18. However, our bishops letter portrayed the problem as pedophilia and the solutions presented were aimed at preventing the abuse of young children. This tells me that the bishops either still do not get it or are afraid to face the problem and deal with it. This is a very disturbing development, to say the least, because it means that the problem may not be solved.

The second important event that will be much in the news this week is the release of the movie The Passion. I am, of course, planning on attending at the earliest possible opportunity. I believe that, if for no other reason, it is important for Christians of all stripes to support financially any effort by Hollywood to make movies with Christian themes. This movie, of almost any movie made by Hollywood, more than deserves that support. However, I must admit to one reservation that I have. Until now, I have been at least somewhat able to read the Gospel accounts of Christís Passion, Death and Resurrection and imagine for myself what those scenes must have been like. I can put myself there and meditate on Christís suffering and what He endured for all of us. I am wondering if this movie will not have such a powerful effect on me that this personal meditation may be impossible in the future? I wonder if, whenever I read the Gospels in the future I will see the scenes only as portrayed on film in The Passion. I hope this will not be the case.

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