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For the last two or three weeks I have been reading The Midwest Conservative Journal (now at a new address) with interest. The blog is an interesting chronical of one person's journey through the upheaval in the Episcopal Church (ECUSA). It reminds me of my own journey from the Presbyterian Church (aptly the PCUSA) and the difficulties that ultimately brought me to the Church.

Make no mistake, this schism is not a good thing for the Body of Christ and I hope we will all keep the situation in our prayers. It appears the author of the MCJ has left his church as a result of the shenanigans and is in something of a state of limbo as far as Church affiliation is concerned. I share that experience and hope the situation will be resolved soon. I am reminded of the gratitude I feel that my journey into the Catholic Church was a relatively easy one, there may be many who leave the ECUSA who lose their faith entirely as a result of this situation. I hope this is not the case, but it may well be. All the more reason to keep them all in our prayers.

St. Teresa of Jesus

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A most blessed feast day to all of our Carmelite brothers and sisters at St. Blogs and around the world.

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