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Steven has an interesting post on the recent Catholic Blog Award voting; he noticed a trend that had escaped me. It seems the fewest votes cast was in the "Most Devotional" category, in which there were several highly worthly nominees.

One reason for this is that, perhaps, of necessity, a devotional blog must deal with The Permanent Things. That is, I think most popular blogs tend to devote their attention to things new and current. There is a good reason for this, most people in this day and age, like to have their "ears tickled" as St. Paul says. I've been stumped over this myself, it seems nearly impossible to come up with a topic for a post that hasn't been dealt with at least a hundred times in any one day. The things written about on a devotional blog are, of necessity, not news.

But that's the point, that the blogs nominated, i.e., the best of Catholic devotional blogs, can't be new and interesting, they are old and interesting. They keep us in touch with the past, and that's not all bad.

Steven is on a campaign to increase the voting in next year's CBA awards in "The Most Devotional" category. Count me in.

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