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I admit it, I have not written much here for some time. I know that you all have been clamoring for my return, but I have a very good, if rather eccentric reason, for my absence. The reason is, simply, that over the last six months or so, I have been working on refining my skills as a mystery writer. It seems I have some talent for this; at least two of three paid workshop instructors seem to think so. I donít know if the fact that they are paid, by me, has anything to do with their high opinion of my fiction skills, but their encouragement has lead me to focus most of my writing time here. I have also, though been spending a little time reading and studying poetry, with an eye to trying to do some writing in that field. You may be asking what does that have to do with the keeping of a blog?

Well, this is where the eccentricity comes in. The problem I am having is, that if I write mystery fiction, I canít write poetry, or anything that I consider worthwhile to post here. If I write poetry, then I canít write mystery fiction or anything that I consider worthwhile to post here. If I write here, then I canít write either mystery fiction or poetry. It seems I am a one note Johnny.

I canít explain this situation, since most of the time I am unable to focus my attention on any one thing for more than two to three minutes at any one time. I pride myself on being a multi-tasker; I can do any number of things poorly at a single sitting. But here, when I attempt to do one thing that I might have some small ability at, the task requires, no demands, my complete and undivided attention. When Iím really seriously into working at some aspect of the book I have begun, the outside world disappears and my focus is united and solidified to a remarkable degree. I am astounded.

It seems all I can do is admit the fault and do my best to live with it. So, I shall get back to the creation of a murder, fictional that is, and try, as best as I can, to keep you posted as to my progress. The final result, if not a published mystery, might at least be improvement of my character.

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