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A New Blog

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I'd like to point out a new member of St. Blog's -- Catholic Ragemonkey authored by Fr. Hamilton and Fr. Tharp.

Fr. Hamilton will be doing a series of spiritual conferences each Wednesday and Friday of Lent, at 3 PM Central time which I look forward to. Be sure to stop by.

Welcome to St. Blogs.

A New Look

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I decided I had to do something about the style of the blog. Hope you like the new look.

Paz y bien

Hillside Farm


This is a new blog (at least for me), discovered through a visit to Steven's place. I enjoy this one a lot and I think you will too.

Merton and the Saints, cont'd


This post is simply a note on my intentions for the next month or so. I admit to having some trepidation announcing my designs for the blog over the next month; it must seem to those precious few who stop by here that I have the attention span of a gnat, so seldom do I adhere to stated intentions. I can only say that I making this announcement in the hopes of imposing a bit of much needed discipline on my blogging activities. Anyway, over the next month or 6 weeks, I hope to concentrate on posting on two subjects -- posts inspired by Mertonís The Ascent to Truth and posts exploring the true nature of Franciscan spirituality.

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