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Lowly Pilgrim

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Another new blog that I like a lot - The Lowly Pilgrim. Thomas Merton was, believe it or not, instrumental in my coming into the Church. His Seven Story Mountain helped lead me through the process of conversion, which, thankfully, was relatively easy for me. In any case, I have, as a result, had an abiding interest in the Trappists and monasticism in general. Visit Thomas site and see why his blog holds so much interest for me.

Post Paucity


Announcement - sorry I've been MIA the last few days. My trusty laptop was contaminated by a virus, actually a worm from a worm, and Norton could not remove it. I had to wait until this AM to get our high powered IT guy to work his magic. All now seems back to normal.

I should get back to business tonight.

Paz y bien

Oro et Labora

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There's a new blog from a fellow Coloradan - Oro et Labora. I like the theme - Work and Prayer, wish I'd thought of that. Please stop by and welcome a new member of St. Blogs.

A Question

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It appears everything is set for the final transfer to this new site for the 7 Habitus but there is one problem I seem to be having. Although it seems that the software is in place, the categories function is not working. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?

Another Test

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A test to see if this works to change the font color in MT

Here we are


Well, looks like we are up and running at the new site. Need to do a bit more set up, but, thanks to Richard this is much closer to being ready to go than I anticipated. I am hoping to make the final change over now by 15 September, rather than 1 October.

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