Hilary (?) Redux



Now that McCain has patently ignored my (only half kidding) advice to pick Hilary, it seems appropriate to offer a few thoughts on the Palin nomination.  In a word: inspired.


            Palin does a number of things that hugely benefit McCain.  There is the standard comment that she solidifies the Republican base, which she does nicely.  But there are other elements to having Palin on the ticket. 


One thing is that it contrasts the kind of person McCain is when compared to Obama(nation).  Obama(nation), if he had any brains, would have selected Hilary and been a lock to win this election.  He didn't, and it looks to me like the only reason for that is he didn't want to risk being upstaged by Hilary, either on the campaign trail or in the White House.  She would have been a huge presence in his administration and I think he couldn't tolerate that; it's all about HIM.  Instead, he chose Biden, a rather dull choice who won't upstage his president.  He's a career senator who has made his living exclusively on the Government dole; he's safe. 


            McCain, though, is strong enough, and humble enough, to make the courageous decison; he doesn't have issues with arrogance and he's willing to break new ground.  He went for a fresh face, someone who has fought corruption, been hugely popular as Governor of Alaska and lived by her principles no matter the cost.  She is, clearly someone who could upstage him, and that doesn't worry him.  It's a good thing, because from the moment she was announced, she upstaged just about everyone.  Between Gustav and Palin, Obama(nation) has nearly dropped out of sight; he's at least temporarily become an after thought.  The real excitement is on the Republican side right now, everyone is talking about it.


            Not only has McCain created excitement, he's neutralized the Biden pick. Biden was most likely selected to be the attack dog against the Republican VP nominee, whether Mitt Romney to the Minnesota governor, or who ever.  But it's harder for Biden to really go after Palin; he risks looking "mean-spirited" if he is really nasty to her.  That could backfire mightily.  With this pick, McCain has probably neutralized much of Biden's potential effectiveness on the campaign trail. 


            On the experience issue, Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Barack Hussein Obama(nation), Joe Biden, and for that matter, John McCain put together.  She has been in charge of the geographically largest state in the nation, and, actually commanded the military units that comprise the Alaska National Guard.  She has attacked corruption and over-turned an extremely powerful, well entrenched, and somewhat corrupt establishment to clean house in Alaska.  She sold the damned governor's plane on eBay for gosh sakes.  She's also managed to be a devoted mother, one who welcomes new life when it comes.  What a record.


            Obama(nation), by contrast, has never run so much as an Amway business, and has worked in close association with a thoroughly corrupt Chicago political machine to further his own career.  He has associated extensively with known and unrepentant, terrorists, and attended, for 20 some years, a black liberationist church with a pastor that advocated the most exteme forms of racism.  All of this without protest, indeed, as he would have us believe without much idea of who his associates were or what they were up to.    What a record, and nothing much to brag about.


            As to the attacks on Palin for her 17 year old daughter becoming pregnant or her husband have a 20 year old DUI on his record - give me a break!  If that's the worst the democrats can do, it simply shows how good a pick this was and how desperate they are to defeat her. 


            I think McCain made a fine choice in nominating Sarah Palin to be Vice-President of the United States.

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