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I must call your attention to a relatively new blog to St. Blogs done by a Cistercian monk in Rome. It is titled Vultus Christi and I think it is one of the best, certainly one of the most beautiful, blogs I have seen in a long time. Fr. Mark’s choice of art work, and its sheer profusion on his site is remarkable creates a virtual feast for the eyes. Fr. Mark also seems to have a knack for posting on things that I happen to be thinking about and questioning. One of his first posts was on lectio divina, Holy Reading, and the appropriate use of Scripture when engaged in this form of prayer; he was kind enough to provide a very helpful post when I questioned his insistence of following the daily lectionary during daily lectio, rather than having a focus on, say, an entire book. Then, recently, he has done at least two posts on the Rosary, this last really got my attention.

I have to admit to being a little surprised at Fr. Mark’s very evident Marian devotion; I didn’t think that Cistercians were big into Mary and the Rosary. Then I remembered that Thomas Merton’s monastic name was “Father Mary Louis”, so perhaps this is not so unexpected.

I must also note that a number of “reminders” of the Rosary have crossed my path in recent days. First of all, there was Fr. Mark’s first post. Then my wife, a fellow convert who has never really shown much interest in this prayer, received a very nice little book on the Rosary in the mail, ordered from a totally unexpected source, something of a surprise. Then Fr. Mark posted again today. I find this too much of a coincidence for a person who has greatly neglected telling his beads over the past several months and have decided to devote time each day this month to Mary in the hope of making the Rosary a daily habit.

In any case, I hope you will stop by and spend some time at Vultus Christi. I urge you to explore the archives and take time to learn from all that this Roman monk has written; I think you will find it time well spent.

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