What's the Eskimo Word for Snow?


That was the headline that appeared in the local newspaper this morning and after last night, a good many people here in Colorado Springs are beginning to wonder what it's going to take just to make the snow stop. A couple of days before Christmas, and again just before New Years we had two very heavy snow storms that dumped approximately a foot of snow each week. Then again overnight on Friday, we had another inch and overnight last night we had approximately 3 inches and were expecting up to 5 inches total through this afternoon. The snow hadn't cleared out from the first two storms, and now we're digging out from another one. We also have extremely cold conditions, with the high yesterday being only about 7° in the high expected today to be about 10°, and it's likely that we won't be above freezing before Wednesday or Thursday.

I have to say, the city, and I think especially our neighborhood, is unusually beautiful under the blanket of white stuff, but it's making me a little stir crazy. It is hard for me to get out in very slippery conditions for fear of falling and re-injuring my shoulder. Some stores and businesses here have been very good about shoveling and clearing snow and ice. Others have not been so good, and it can be very dangerous walking on an uncleared sidewalk: because the ice underneath the layer of snow is often invisible, it can be very easy to trip and fall. It can also be dangerous crossing the streets, because the city has not done an especially good job clearing them, and often the areas next to the curbs and on street corners have been left snowy and icy.

One can hope that we'll have a respite from the snow and get a couple of weeks of warmer, milder, weather, which is much more common in January. Then we'll all get a chance to dig out and prepare for the more normal heavy snows in February and March. Then it will be time to look forward to a glorious spring and a beautiful Easter morning. I can see the daffodils now.

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