Deer are lousy parents


A short fawn update.

The two that were the first new-borns I saw this year have been appearing in the back yard regularly over the last two weeks. They appear healthy and are growing fast.

There was another new arrival that I had much greater doubts about. This new born, and I mean new born, I discovered snugged up next to my garage one morning last week, its hold on life appearing to be tenuous in the extreme. A couple of days before this discovery, there was an article in the paper telling people not to touch or try to assist young wild life in any way. Often the human touch will cause the mother to abandon the baby, which in turn dies. With great difficulty, I followed the advice, and left the tiny thing to its own devices. Before leaving, I searched all over our yard and the area surrounding the house and could find no sign of the mother or any other fawns. I thought sure I’d be faced with a dead fawn when I returned home.

Well, on my return, there was no sign of the fawn, nor any sign that it had been there in the first place. Then, on Saturday, I saw a little fawn in the back yard, I feel certain it was the same one, healthy and playful. Again, no mother in sight, but the fawn showed no sign of any ill health or other distress, so I am sure the mother was somewhere nearby.

Talking to the neighbors, it seems a mother dear will sometimes abandon her fawns for hours at a time, and the fawn will just sit in one spot and await her return. I guess that’s what happened this time.

Thinking about all this, I’m reminded that the Good Lord has a plan, even for new-born fawns, and it is never good to try to interfere. It’s a hard lesson to learn.

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