Apropos of Nothing in Particular


Yesterday was the first day of spring, and one can expect some strange weather at this time of year in the Rockies. But, I'll have to say, Colorado Springs experienced some very strange weather beginning late Sunday afternoon.

A major storm moved into the area Sunday afternoon, which is not too unusual occurrence for early spring in the mountains. The storm brought snow with it, also a common occurrence in this part of the country. What was unusual is that, when the storm first hit, it was a thunderstorm, complete with some fairly significant lightening and even hail. Now, I was a weather guy in the Air Force when I was young, and I spent about eighteen months in north Texas, in the middle of tornado alley. I've seen some wild weather, but I've never seen a thunderstorm produce both hail and snow. I'm thinking March is going out like a lion this year; we may even have snow for Easter.

Anyway, just wanted to get this on the record, for what it's worth.

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