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From Lee Podles over at Mere Comments:

Nineteen priests in Canada have signed a public letter disagreeing with Catholic teaching on homosexuality, especially with the new Vatican directive on admission of homosexuals to the seminary and with the paper the Canadian bishops' conference has issued opposing gay marriage, according to La Presse.

The bishop concerned won't consider disciplining these confused gentlemen; preferring silence, I presume. That makes the last paragraph of this post especially interesting:

The Vatican appoints bishops who have non-confrontational personalities, and then is surprised when they will not confront problems, and instead pretend the problems do not exist.

All I can say is, if these guys don't want to be Catholic, why don't they go join the UU's?

On an entirely different note, these March weather proverbs from the Old Farmers Almanac

So many mists in March we see,
So many frosts in May will be.
A peck of March dust is worth a king's ransom.

The March sun lets snow stand on a stone.

Better to be bitten by a snake than to feel the sun in March.

In March much snow,
To plants and trees much woe.

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