Happy Thanksgiving


I wish everyone a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

I am taking a few minutes to review what I am most grateful for and first on the list must be the mercy and goodness God has shown to be throughout my life. This has been true even when I least desired it; it seems a miracle that I would have even the merest shred of faith today, and even more that I would be looking forward to participation at Mass a little later this morning. I know that, left to my own devices, this would never have happened and I shudder to think what would.

Of course, I am grateful for wife and family and three very mischievous cats that are a constant reminder of God’s creative power and sense of humor. I understand a little better each day what St. Francis meant when he saw God’s loving had in all of creation.

I am grateful to live in Colorado. I attended my high school reunion in Detroit a month or so ago, and it now seems so foreign. Time has not been kind to my home town and I am sorry for that, but the mountains are my home. Every day in Colorado is a surprise. This morning the sunrise is soft and the ground looks fresh as if there had just been an overnight rain shower, even though it is now much more likely to snow than rain.

I am grateful to have work to do and the freedom to post my rants and raves and ramblings on this blog, and I pray that all of us will have time today to take a few moments to thank our Lord for all His gifts.

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