Maybe I'm not the only


Maybe I'm not the only one who is tired of the liberal bias in the media. NewMax reports the following:

CNN is falling farther behind Fox News Channel in the cable news ratings war, with a network-wide 16 percent falloff in viewership for February and a 21 percent slide in prime time.
The New York Post reports, "Fox News was the only one among the four cable news networks to post ratings gains during the month.

An 18 percent gain, to be exact, pushing Fox News to nearly triple the viewership of its rival.

CNN's "Paula Zahn Now" down 17 percent; Fox's "O'Reilly Factor" up 9 percent CNN's "Larry King Live" off 23 percent; Fox's "Hannity & Colmes" up 19 percent One bright spot for CNN: "Anderson Cooper 360," which gained 2 percent.

CNBC and MSNBC aren't immuned to losing audience to Fox, either. CNBC's ratings are down 42 percent in prime time, and MSNBC's viewer numbers are lighter by 15 percent.

The truth never seems to influence the "professional" media, perhaps a hit in the pocketbook will.

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