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Could anyone tell me how to do a couple of things in Movable Type?

First, how do you format a paragraph in a post so that it is indented on both sides?

Second, is it possible to change the type size within an entry? If so, how?

It would be nice if there was some reference resource where you could look these things up.



Go into the template section and edit your stylesheet and add the following.

.blockindented {
margin-left: 5%;
margin-right: 5%;

This will add a CSS class that will indent both sides of the margin.

Then when you write your post you word format the section you want formatted.

This is where you would have all of the indented text listed

You could also add other tags so that the indented text is shown in a specified font and color. For example.

.blockindented {
margin-left: 5%;
margin-right: 5%;
color: #000099;

Within posts you can also just use normal HTML code to do formatting.

Here is a good CSS reference.

Any questions feel free to email me.


Thanks so much for your help. I will try this out. Unfortunately, I am not very much up on HTML code so I will try the CSS class.

Thanks again.



As you can see below, it worked. Thanks for your help.


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