Big Game in the Neighborhood

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Living in Colorado, one gets used to having all kinds of critters living in the 'hood. However, I have to say these two guys caught my attention yesterday as they were lounging in my backyard.

2 Bucks v2.jpg

They are near twins and fairly young. I took this picture from my back deck -- they were no more than 15 feet away and they were not in the least bit afraid of me, as you can tell.


My brother would go nuts! He loves deer.

Wow! Great picture. The only pretty wild life we get are butterflies.

Hey, I'm making my way through St. Blog's to invite people to the New Parish Hall. I hope you can make it.

St. Blog's Parish Hall

Peace in Christ,

With racks like that, they cant be too young! Mule Deer? Look too big to be whitetail.

Nicole, does your brother hunt? There's lots of hunters up here.

Mary, I have already logged into the St. Blogs Parish Townhall, thanks for stopping by.

Steve, I suspect these two are three to four years old. Definitely mule deer, I don't think we have white-tail in Colorado, at least not around the Springs. We always have lots of does around here, and starting in mid-June fawns. This year we had the tiniest new born fawns I have seen, except for the spindly legs they were not much bigger than largish dogs. It is highly unusual to see bucks like this in the neighborhood until later in the fall.

Thanks, y'all for the comments.

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