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Big Game in the Neighborhood

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Living in Colorado, one gets used to having all kinds of critters living in the 'hood. However, I have to say these two guys caught my attention yesterday as they were lounging in my backyard.

2 Bucks v2.jpg

They are near twins and fairly young. I took this picture from my back deck -- they were no more than 15 feet away and they were not in the least bit afraid of me, as you can tell.

Iím Baaaack!


I havenít posted in a while, this for a couple of reasons.

July was an extremely busy month for me at work with two major projects requiring completion. We got them done, but only after putting in a couple of ďall-nightersĒ at the end of the month. There was a period of about 80 hours in which I got only about 14 hours sleep. Iím still recovering from that one.

On the first weekend of August, I took my Jeep and did three 4WD drive trails in 4 days: Schofield Pass (half of it, anyway) north of Crested Butte, Mt. Baldy, here in the Springs area, and Weston Pass which once used to be a stage road to Leadville from the east side of the Continental Divide, it now turns off from Highway 287, north of Buena Vista. Those trips were hugely successful in relieving the built up tensions from the past month. On both the Schofield Pass trail and Weston Pass the wildflowers were still out and the mountains were awe inspiring. Iím hoping to take the Jeep out to Ourey over Labor Day weekend and do Engineer Pass and one or two other trails out there.

I am still a bit uncertain about the future direction of this blog. I hope to establish a schedule of posting at least once a week, perhaps twice, leaning towards making it more personal, more of a journal. I will certainly avoid, as much as I possibly can, politics Ė there are enough blogs on politics right now, and will try to be a bit less virulent in social criticism. I guess one thing that stumps me is that it seems there are now so many blogs doing almost exactly the same thing. I am afraid I find it difficult to have something to say that is both interesting and original.

Having said all this, my posting this week may be minimal due to a trip to Seattle on Wednesday through Friday.

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