The Return of the 7 Habitus

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I’d like to thank Smockmamma for inquiring after me since I dropped off the face of the earth. All is well. I have not been posting here because I have been mulling over completely ending the 7 Habitus. Let me explain.

In February, I was on extended travel in Puerto Rico. This trips had a profound effect on me; I learned a great deal, some of which I may share in future posts. Anyway, it was time away from the blog.

Then, in mid-March I came down with a severe cold which ultimately turned into pneumonia. I was sick for nearly a month, although not completely debilitated. During this time I did not feel at all like keeping up with the blog. Then the idea occurred to me that perhaps it was time to let the blog pass into history. I even had begun composing a swan song post for the blog, explaining why it should go to blog heaven. There were several things that made me think this way.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this was to get into the habit of writing on a regular basis. I wanted to start the blog because I believe there is great truth in the old adage, “practice makes perfect.” I thought it might force me to sit down and do the writing I might not otherwise do. I did learn a lot about writing from doing this blog, however it was not what I expected. My swan song blog post would have explained that the blog taught me not only about writing, it taught me about the power of words. There’s any number of things I have written here, put down in the heat of the moment that should never have seen the light of day. I don’t know how many people I may have offended, if not hurt, but I am sorry for it. After this, if I do continue here I will do my best to write a post and then wait a day or two before “publication”, just to be sure that what I have written is done with charity and to God’s glory.

I also hoped to devote time to writing things that might be published in a real publication. In the last two or three weeks I have got two articles written that I hope to submit to one or two real magazines. Egoistic perhaps, but there it is. My focus in the future will, even if I continue here, be on more serious writing.

Finally, I was beginning to enjoy the quiet. The thought crossed my mind that there is enough noise in the world and my contribution was hardly vital. I could not think of any real positive contribution I could make to all the talk going on in the world.

Now, you may be asking yourself what changed my mind. Well, it was Mark’s excellent post over at Vociferous Yappings regarding a surplus of anger surfacing within St. Blogs. I don’t know why, but the thought immediately came to me that perhaps I should continue here. If I continue I will try earnestly to focus on being charitable at all times and, as stated above, doing all to God’s glory. There is enough anger in the world, and it certainly has no place here at St. Blog’s. I expect, I think we all should expect, that comments from those who may not share our love of God and the Church might manifest anger or coarseness, but I hope all of us who are St. Blogs members can refrain from such things. As I said, I don’t know where this idea came from. I am not trying to say that whether I continue here or not makes a difference to the over all tenor of discussion around our “virtual parish.” My point is, that perhaps not continuing here just leaves more of the “floor” to those inclined not to be civil. I would also say that I have personally not seen much evidence of totally inappropriate behavior around St. Blogs and I hope it does not become widespread.

Like Mark, I really don’t know what the point of the blog will be from here on. I will give that some thought. I will try to avoid politics, other than that; I really don’t know which direction to head in. Suggestions are welcome.


Nice to see some secular Franciscan Bloggers out there! I just started attending SFO meetings in my city!Look forward to reading your blog!

welcome back

It's nice to see you back here! I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

I am so glad your back.

You said that if you continued to post you would “try earnestly to focus on being charitable at all times and, as stated above, doing all to God’s glory.”
Please do.
As Followers of the teachings of Christ Jesus, without charity or love, we are as Paul says “sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.” Paul even goes so far as to says in First Corinthians 13, that even “though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned,” without charity “it profiteth me nothing.”

How do we expect to “bring about” change in the world, when we do not even love our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Reminds me of Clare of Assisi’s exhortation:
“Loving one another with the Charity of Christ, let the love you have in your hearts be shown outwardly in your deeds, so that compelled by your example, (others) may also grow in the love of God and charity for one another.”

I was beginning to wonder it we’d ever hear from you again.
It is funny, that thanks to the internet, one can miss someone that they have never met…
May God be with you.

I just found 7 Habitus. I'm glad to see someone talking about going a different way from the strong, angry, political direction I see a lot of my esteemed co-bloggers moving. When I finally get my Blogroll going, would it be tacky to divide it into two groups -- "political" and "charitable"? Probably. (Where would it leave me, then? Neither charitable nor political, so I wouldn't even be eligible for my own Blogroll. (grin)

Thanks for being here for today. I'm sure you'll wisely discern whether you ought to continue.

I'm glad you decided to return and I do hope your health is back to normal! As for the future, well, prayer and discernment -- that's the ticket! We're thinkin' boutcha!


I pray your period of discernment leads you to embrace the true poverty of St. Francis. I think you have a great adventure ahead of you that may prove surprising. I also ask for your prayers for my fraternity that is going through quite a trial at the moment.


Thanks for your comment. Its true, isn't it, that even though we've never met there are so many folks that seem almost like friends. You are also correct that, above all, we must love one another. We must also respect one another and not be so quick to judge. We are all such weak vessels. BTW, keep up the good work on your blog, I enjoy it greatly.


Thank you for your comment. There is enough political discussion in the world today, and so much of it is so pointless. I hope that, if nothing else, I can point to the Truth and encourage others to seek it out.


Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, I do appreciate it.

To all - paz y bien, I'm off to the sunny Caribbean.


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