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I have been meaning to call your attention to Daniel's blog Tower of Babble. I don't think Daniel is Catholic, but perhaps on the way? Anyway, he's doing a good job chez lui as Steven would say.


I'll have to take a look. Thanks.

Thank you for the kind words and the link. I have been meaning to thank you for a few days.

As you can tell, I feel that it is “good-medicine” to read a wide variety of literature. I find that most of my favorite authors, while not necessarily sharing the exact same views as mine on some issues are "kindred pilgrims." (Buechner is Presbyterian, Merton was Catholic, C.S. Lewis was Anglican.) It seems to me that many Followers of Christ are, in a sense, on the same wavelength. As long as Love is allowed to reign, then the glory is His. I feel that the saying often attributed to St. Augustine says it best, “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in ALL things love.”

I pray that His Peace may be with you, and thanks again.
Daniel Rodrigue

Hi, I just stopped by to invite you all to the Saint Blogs Parish Hall! I hope you'll drop in on your way to your (great) blog everyday!

In Christ, MaryH

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