Nathan and St. Thomas

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Nathan posted a comment to my last post on Merton, which I greatly appreciate, as I do all comments.

However, I must clarify that Thomas Merton is definitely NOT a saint, at least, not one officially recognized by the Church. I'm not sure if Nathan misunderstands this, or if he is suggesting that I am treating Merton as if he were a saint, unjustifiably so.

So, a second clarification -- that is not my intent. My intent is to show how one 20th century author, who was unique in that he was both a Catholic priest and a Trappist monk, was drawing on the solid Tradition of the Church to present Traditional solutions to the problems he saw facing the world in which he lived. The further point being that the Church today still has the Answer to the problems facing the world in which we live. I hope, not to canonize Thomas Merton, but to point up the Truth of the Church.

Nathan, sorry if I misunderstand your comment.

Paz y bien


Oh, I'm sorry! I thought Thomas Merton was canonized. I must have been seriously misinformed. Anyway, please do continue with your commentary. It's truly awesome, whether he's a canonized saint or not.

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