Merton and the Saints, cont'd


This post is simply a note on my intentions for the next month or so. I admit to having some trepidation announcing my designs for the blog over the next month; it must seem to those precious few who stop by here that I have the attention span of a gnat, so seldom do I adhere to stated intentions. I can only say that I making this announcement in the hopes of imposing a bit of much needed discipline on my blogging activities. Anyway, over the next month or 6 weeks, I hope to concentrate on posting on two subjects -- posts inspired by Mertonís The Ascent to Truth and posts exploring the true nature of Franciscan spirituality.

As to Merton, I do not intend to carry on a study of the book The Ascent to Truth, nor do I intend a book review. Rather, I think there are many points that he makes that are interesting and that may have been taken for granted even by the average Catholic as late as the 1950's but that are largely forgotten and seldom mentioned in today's cultural milieu. These posts will likely be no more than my working through these ideas on "paper" -- a sort of thinking out loud.

I will be reading some Franciscan resources because it occurred to me recently that I have taken the Franciscan view of things somewhat for granted lately, perhaps even for the last year or so. And so, again in the spirit of thinking out loud, I hope to remind myself, and perhaps in the process, introduce some who stop by here, of the true meaning of Franciscan spirituality.

In addition, I am hoping that somehow this project will continue through Lent and constitute my reading for the upcoming penitential season. I have high hopes for a "good" Lent this year, and that must involve some self-discipline.

I won't restrict myself solely to these topics, if something occurs in the Church or in the news that I think is noteworthy I will not hesitate to make note of it here.

You've been warned.

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