Home Sweet Home


I have finally returned home to Colorado after spending nearly 3 and a half weeks out of the little more than 6 weeks of this year in Puerto Rico. Needless to say, my routine has been seriously disrupted, as you may have noticed from the lack of posts here. The travel was especially difficult since I had only planned on being gone a week and had packed accordingly.

Another of the things that made the job so difficult in Puerto Rico was the lack of access to the Internet; we were able to get regular access to email only in the last few days we were there, and regular Internet access was something we never achieved. It now appears that the Government has severed all ties between the project and the Web, apparently due to security concerns Ah, the joys of being a Government contractor totally dependent on our modern technology. Sometimes I long for the days when we did spreadsheets using paper and pencil!

I must thank Richard Chonak for his patience with me while I was gone. At one point, when I did have access to the Web and could have posted an update here, I thought I had lost my MT user name, and then my password. He was very patient in trying to assist me in recovering and I am grateful for that; sorry for being so helpless, Richard. I now have my user name and password tucked away an encrypted program on my Palm so this problem, at least, should be avoided in the future.

I have many things that I hope to post on, most delayed from late last year, so I will get to work. I am very happy to be home!

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