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I'd like to point out a new member of St. Blog's -- Catholic Ragemonkey authored by Fr. Hamilton and Fr. Tharp.

Fr. Hamilton will be doing a series of spiritual conferences each Wednesday and Friday of Lent, at 3 PM Central time which I look forward to. Be sure to stop by.

Welcome to St. Blogs.


Ronald: Thanks for passing the word about the e-conferences. To make their posting more conducive to separating ourselves from the everday, even if for just a bit, I will be posting those on a separate blog. The link is certainly provided at Catholic Ragemonkey. Or you can go directly to http://gloriapatri.blogspot.com/

I hope they assist in some way this Lent.

Fr. Hamilton

Thanks for your post.

I look forward to the e-conferences during Lent, I am sure they will help. Also, I think it an improvement to post these on a separate blog. It does make them easier to refer to.

Paz y bien

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