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The time has come to ask for some MT type help.

I would like to know how to do a couple of things. I like the general appearance of my blog but I think I would like to make the area the posts narrower so that it is not necessary to scroll across the page to read a post. How does one do that?

The second questions is, how do you include a photograph in a post?

I'd appreciate any help you can give me.

Happy New Year


Dear Ron,

These are both relatively easy things; however, I would need to know the basic nature of your code to advise on the first.

On the second. Go to the main editing menu. Upload a file to an /images subdirectory in either place (I prefer not to place the images folder in archives). Then when it is uploaded, you'll get a choice of being shown the html code or of having an entry formatted with the image. Looking at the image tag language will give you a notion of what to do.



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