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It seems my blog was inundated recently with unsolicited (believe me) advertising and pornographic comments. I view this as nothing but thievery and it makes me wonder if there are not laws to prevent people from doing something that is so obviously unwelcome.

I apologize to those of you who had the misfortune to read those things. If this continues I will be forced to either limit or remove comments or stop this blog altogether.


The majority of us have received such spam attacks recently. Here is an article on how to make a MT blog spam free. It helps to eliminate the entry points that the spam bots use to identify your comments.

Alternatively banning the IPs as you recieve the comments can help somewhat.

Thanks for the advise, Jeff. I had no idea how to go about blocking such attacks except to simply block all comments.


Thanks, Ronald and Jeff, for posting and for the info. I'll look at implementing some of these techniques.

Thanks, Richard.

It seems people think that just because something is on the Internet that they can use it as their own. It is maddening.

Appreciate any help you can offer.

Ron M

I recently had unwelcome spam visitors at my Blogspot blog also. Banning helps.

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