Pope Reported to Have 10 Fingers

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Pope John Paul II has been no stranger to the media during his twenty-five event-filled years as leader and chief shepherd of the Roman Catholic Church, of which today is his silver anniversary.

However, the recent dramatic increase of reporting and commentary pertaining to him seems to be due mainly to the media's almost morbid fixation on the pope's deteriorating health as he grows older and more apparently frail. It is true, the pope is growing older and one must admit upon seeing some of his appearances that he does look weary, not longer "God's athlete" as he was once called. However, what is the benefit of plastering his debilitation all over the headlines? The media, over the last several years, has been dutifully keeping us informed: "Pope Looks Frail at Meeting" or "Experts Say Pope Could Die" all while quoting some "Vatican official" with the inside, double secret knowledge that the pope "may not make to next year." Really? Over and over again, we would hear of some new secret malady that 1) the Vatican doesn't want you to know about and 2) could mean the end of his Holiness' days as pontiff. It seems the media is really looking for the one thing that hasn't happened yet, John Paul's death, and until it does it is unlikely that the frenzy will abate. Sure, one of these days, the dire predictions will come true (it may even be soon, ) for we know he is not well and, yes, is even getting worse as the days go by. However, until then, JPII is pope, will function as so, and continue to be a light and inspiration for all to see.

Thankfully not all that has been written lately deals with just ailments and death. For a wonderful article that reflects back on his life and impact on the world as a Catholic, click here: A defining point in uncertain times. This article touches on the gift and the mystery of John Paul II and points towards the certain impact he will continue to have on us all, long after he is gone. Long live the pope.


I realized after posting that maybe I should of thanked Ron for introducing me! Reading the blogs in the St. Blogs webring has been an inspiration to me and I hope that I can "give back" and inspire others. God Bless!

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