St. Joseph of Cupertino

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Today is the feast day of St. Joseph of Cupertino.

The following is from a brief biography published by the Daily E-pistle:

"As a Franciscan novice, he soon gained renown throughout the
order for his holiness, acts of penance, and zeal for God. In 1625,
steps were taken by the order to allow Joseph to qualify for holy
orders despite his lack of education. Joseph was ordained in 1628
and set out to serve God's people. He continued his personal
penances and fasting and was held up by many to be the model of
holiness and austerity. These two tools of his enabled him to convert
many hearts to Catholicism and encourage many to repent from
sinful lives. He was also known to perform many miracles and make
accurate predictions of the future.

Joseph died in 1663 and he was buried in the chapel of the
Conception. Joseph was beatified in 1753 and canonized in 1767.
He is the patron of aviators."

I never knew a Franciscan was also the patron saint of aviators!


Another fan of the Daily E-Pistle. Great stuff, first thing in the morning!

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